Super Duty Front 3Link System 95.5-04 Tacoma & 95.5-02 4Runner

“NEXT LEVEL” Suspension “SYSTEM”. In fact you can say we are truly redefining the term, “SYSTEM”.  Welcome to the only system on the market designed to be all encompassing of the factors regarding an SAS and with the intent to help reduce installation time by eliminating the need for additional custom fabrication.

  • We utilize two of the best features of the Super Duty axle by maintaining Fords upper link bushing and using it as our lower link connection point. We’ve maintained Fords built in bump stop landing pad. This has two very big advantages. Not only do you maintain the structural integrity of the OEM design but you reduce by several hours the labor of the removal process of cast sections of the housing. This means it’s stronger as well as a time and money savings for yourself or when having a shop charge you by the hour.
  • Our axle truss is designed to avoid as much welding to cast iron as possible, which again is a money savings by avoiding the inevitable cracking that occurs after a year of hard use. Your choice of “over Diff” or “over Tube” Fully boxed upper link brackets with massive 360* gusseting allows for the accommodation of multiple types of engine swaps.
  • Factory bushing mounting brackets allow easy connection from frame to axle while dulling harsh road vibrations. The built-in limit strap attachment points make for less custom fabricating and searching for last minute add on’s like limit strap tabs.
  • This stylish Diff cover was designed to help the structural durability of our truss and maintain system rigidity by manually fastening together with Grade 8 hardware. Sporting both fill hole and drain hole for easy servicing as well as an additional internal rib for extra Rock bashing resistance. We even topped it off with tapered flat head bolts to help avoid rock rash and broken bolt heads.
  • Our own line of Steering arms offered for Hydro Assist to maintain a Mechanical steering box and double ended Full Hydro Ram. Our setups offer the largest attachment hardware on the market. Massive 1″ GRADE 8 hardware attaches and secures these arms to your knuckle prior to welding.
  • Our unique Hydro Assist steering arms sport built in mechanical attachment for the Hydro Assist Ram which helps eliminate additional fabrication and purchases of Ram to Tie Rod attachment devices and hardware.
  • The only Toyota based Fabricated Double shear Pitman arm on the market is here to ensure that your steering geometry is optimal for a full 40* of turning and 0* of bump steer. All of which is designed for the most driver friendly experience possible. This Pitman arm was designed with the specific intent of being used with our already proven Tacoma and Era matching 4Runner Frame bracing reinforcement plates, which mount the Toyota steering box at precisely the right angle.
  • Everything you need to mount your Coilovers and Limit Straps for the Super Duty System at both frame and axle. An adjustable shock hoop sleeve allows easy set-up so you can “Dial” in your desired ride height by changing the mounting height without additional cutting, grinding or other fabrications. Includes weld nuts and form fitting top plate so that “you” can build your own removable engine cross brace.
  • Both sides of the frame rails bracing sport a unique plating system where the panhard bracket, bump can placement and shock hoop locations are all slot and tabbed for easy locating and install. Combined with our new Adjustable shock hoop system you’ll find the right location for all these components quickly and easily. Click and weld like a LEGOs for adults.
  • Limit strap Pinch Bolt Clamps allow for an easy “No weld” adjustment of the limit strap location. Shock Hoop Outriggers key into the backing plate of the frame rail support for easy “click and weld” locating. A built in “Top Hat” sits above the hoop to allow “YOU” the builder a platform to build an engine brace.  This is the Ultimate shock hoop that is so much more than just a hoop and it does EVERYTHING!
  • Let us also not overlook the very special Panhard Link Arm. Located and designed for optimal clearance and simplicity. This very unique arm is built from layered plate steel allowing it to sneak in tight locations. This allowances for other moving components of the system to package tightly and frees up needed real state for steering.
  • And finally, we even offer pre-cut Super Duty specific Tie Rod and Drag Link along with the correct hiems, high misalignment spacers and tube adapters to finish off this system and all the little extras that come along with building out a complete SAS.

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