We build link suspension systems that actually work

Our Goal

We build link suspension systems that actually work! Imagine that, you paid all that money to the other guy’s and now you can’t drive down the street in a straight line all because you linked it. Maybe while Off-Road you noticed that you were more stable and predictable with Leaf springs, and now you wish you’d stayed with them. They can’t help with your spring rates or shock valving. Which leaves you to figure it all out on your own.

So just how much of your life do you want to devote to figuring all this out. How many times do you want to have to take apart your shocks and re-valve them. Just how many pairs of springs do you want to purchase. How many weekends do you want to spend under the truck vs. wheeling it. Wouldn’t you rather have had it all figured out so you can just drive it.

Quality Designed & Built

“A quality designed and built suspension system should do more than just flex over rocks. It should provide the user with great performance both on and off-road. We believe that with enough research and testing, the correct components will equal predictable handling in all situations providing the user with the satisfaction one expects from a performance suspension system.”

Brian Osborne, founder of 4WU

Research & Development

Our suspensions are designed specifically for Toyota Trucks and SUV’s that are expected to play hard and deliver you home safely. We are not a one-size fit’s all outfit. With 5 years of prototyping and tuning, we’ve refined the design to be the best performing system ever built. Our combination of real world experience and understanding the engineering behind vehicle dynamics has lead to this perfect blend of Hardcore Rock Crawler meets Daily Driver.

Our 3Link front and 4Link rear have the best geometry possible for maximum performance over “ANY” terrain. High Speed, Slow speed, On-Road or Off we can help you get the most from your vehicle. What does that mean? Hardcore Off-Road parts that allow for controlled stability over any terrain while demonstrating proper street manners. No more unstable slinky suspension from old school design types. Go with the smarter choice, get the most for your time & money, get the best of both worlds.