Tacoma/4Runner Transfer Case Crossmember




Our new cross member for Tacomas and 4Runners is now available! This cross member works on with single or dual cases, 4 cyl or V6, manual or automatic! It will also work on vehicles equipped with push-button 4WD! It is obviously based on our earlier cross member design and shares many of the features. You can lift or lower your t-case at install time. And with just new frame brackets, move your case back when you install a dual transfer case system! The cross member is made from a 3/8″ thick steel plate. It comes complete with longer 8mm bolts, NEW bushings, frame brackets, and mounting hardware. This system allows you to remove the stock cross member under the transmission, and remove the mounting brackets from the frame as well, for a smooth underbelly. Order yours today, and rid yourself of the stock rock anchor cross member!

NEW BUSHINGS! We have changed the bushings we supply with our cross members!  ALL our cross members now feature polyurethane bushings! These new bushings are slightly softer, offering more dampening than the older version.

So now the question is; Why bother with a “replacement” cross member and reuse your worn out, torn $95 stock rubber junk, when you can get something better, for less?! We give you MORE clearance, MORE strength, NEW bushings, NEW hardware, and WAAAY more strength!! Compare ours to the competition, and enjoy the trail more, as you go farther with Front Range Off-Road!!

Furnished bare steel, for you to paint to your preference!

Please note, there were designed around the 96-04 Tacoma trucks.  While the frame width and transfer case pattern match 05-15 and 96-04, trimming, or modification may be necessary on the later trucks, 4runners, and FJ Cruisers.

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Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 4 in