Phase-4 Triangulated Rear 4 Link Suspension Brackets -T 3.5″ Tube

Original price was: $2,110.00.Current price is: $1,749.98.

Introducing our double triangulated link design, the top choice for rock crawlers.

“Diavoli nel dettaglia”; “The devil is in the details.” In this case, we took care of the devil for you and made set up as easy as it gets.

Key features:

  • Built in bump stop landing pads
  • Slot and tabbed together axle link brackets to truss
  • Ideal for Rock Crawling
  • Triangulated lower link brackets at frame to reduce rock anchor points and hang ups on rough terrain.
  • Click it together, like a lego for adults and burn it in.


Formi segue la funzione “Form follows function”

Anti Squat – Neutral

Roll Center – Perfect

Ease of Installation – 5 Star

Aesthetics – Alluring

Performance – Uncompromising