Front Coilover Mounting
Front Shock Towers Only  $275
Works with any 2.0" and 2.5" Coilover or Air Shock. Radflo, Fox, King, Sway-A-Way
To further the ongoing theme we have at 4WU we've ditched the old tubular shock hoops in favor of a slimmer sleeker plated tower design that requires less trimming of the inner wheel well. The larger main backing plate allows for support across the top and down the full length of your frame rails for a larger surface area to weld for maximum strength. While the central ribs take up the lateral support loads your coilovers will deliver and ensure no deformation of the tower occurs during use. These are a DIY shock tower. They come pre-assembled with the central louvers welded in. The central ribs are not, so that you can cut to fit these towers to the appropriate length for your application easier.  They stand 18.5"s from mounting hole to top of frame.

Front Coilover Mounting Kit $345.00
  • 2 - Limit Straps
  • 4 - 3.5" x 1/2" Grade 8 Shock bolts
  • 4 - 1.250" x 1/2" Grade 8 Limit Strap bolts
  • 8 - 1/2" Nylock Nuts
  • 2 - 4WU Coilover Towers

Front Coilover Towers $275.00