Diamond Axle Housings
Diamond Axle housings are available in custom sizes with custom configurations.
Toyota Front Housing: •Fabricated center, providing 3/4"+ extra ground clearance
•1" thick solid steering stops
•3rd Member mounting hardware
•Magnetic fill plug and gasket

Price $1025  8" 3rd
Price $1075  9.5" 3rd

Redesigned knuckle ball gussets! Modification to Toyota Front Housings for greater knuckle ball strength. At time of build, we can add these gussets to your knuckle balls. This greatly increases the strength of the necked down area of the knuckle balls, preventing damage due to jumping and extremely hard rock crawling.

Knuckle Ball Gusset Bottom ViewThese new gussets not only brace top to bottom, but because of the unique shape on the bottom gusset, add support front to back as well! These new gussets can be added to your axle housing to prevent any damage to the knuckle balls, for years of trouble free service in extreme conditions!

Price: $75 installed.

Ultimate 30 Spline CV Axle Set with 300M Shafts for your custum Diamond housing.

Price $775.00