Bump Stops
Air Bump Can

For fittment of either 2" poly bumps or Radflo 2" Air Bumps.

(1 Pair) $90.00 
Poly Bumps that fit Bump Cans

Air Bumps are worth their weight in Gold, but not all of us can afford Gold. So here is a cheap alternative. Designed as a direct substitute for Air Bumps. Allows you to simply bolt in Air Bumps when you're ready with "ZERO" additional Fab from you. Spacer made from Solid 6061 T6 Aluminum
With 2" Poly Bump Cone
.750" hardware for mounting to can.

(1 Pair) $130.00

Exceptionally strong piston rod assembly designed for the harshest off-road racing conditions These chrome plated 1-1/4" alloy steel rod and slippery bronze rod guide provide unyielding performance in the roughest terrain. Multi-direction, triple lip sealing system prevents oil contamination while ensuring excellent gas and oil retention.

Velocity sensitive valving automatically adjusts to terrain for improved control, handling and comfort. Radflo's exclusive Freeflo™ racing piston utilizes adaptive damping technology to automatically match bump stop performance to surface conditions.
Radflo Air Bumps

Radflo Air Bumps    2" Body-x-2" Stroke
$430 (1 Pair)

Bump Can Mounting Brackets

External Frame mounts for bumps cans

(1 Pair) $84.00